PCI Compliant Secure Cloud Hosting.

Fast, secure and reliable
website hosting.

Partnering with the Peracto platform ensures your
eCommerce store is fully supported by state of the art, fast, secure Serverless Cloud hosting, leveraged by the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

By giving full responsibility to one provider to manage the ongoing reliability for your eCommerce platform, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your hosting solution is in safe hands.

Dedicated Cloud Infrastructure

Peracto’s hosting service provides enhanced flexibility,
security and scalability.

  • High performance eCommerce applications
  • Strict data security requirements
  • Applications critical to your business operations
  • Industries with demanding compliance regulations
  • Providing on-demand scalability
  • Supporting enhanced disaster recovery plans

Security built in as

The enterprise-level cloud hosting infrastructure meets
stringent security requirements.

  • Infrastructure housed within a private network (DeMilitarized Zone)
  • Server software patches and updates are installed on a rolling basis to maintain security and improve performance
  • TLS (formerly SSL) encrypts data as it travels across the
    internet, reassuring visitors that you’re protecting their private information
  • Google prefers secure sites, so serving content in this way will help to boost your SEO

Comprehensive Disaster

Servers are located in world-class data centres, featuring advanced redundancy, physical security and multiple, ultra fast network connections.

  • Protect your eCommerce store from server failure
  • Cloudfront DDoS protection is available on request
  • Automatic data backups are saved with a storage volume snapshot, backing up all database instances
  • For additional resilience, servers can be located across multiple geographic zones
  • New server instances will auto build and quickly step in to provide continuation of service in the unlikely event of

Fully Managed Service

Our UK based team take care of all aspects of your
implementation from initial design, set-up and
deployment, through to ongoing management.

  • Maintain security & reliability of your server
  • Robust application & server monitoring
  • Early issue detection, notification and resolution
  • We understand the nature of eCommerce and the impact that the Peracto platform can have on the security of cardholder data.  We therefore implement, and will maintain, security accordingly to meet PCI DSS requirements
  • Separate User Acceptance (UAT) environments with feature branches enable thorough testing of code updates before they are made live
  • Automated deployments with instant rollback provides
    additional reassurance when code is deployed to your live Production environment

Superior Performance

Your infrastructure is optimised for performance with
separate web and database services.

  • Lamda on-demand computing provides cost effective
    scalability during peak periods of demand
  • Assets served using lightning-fast Content Delivery Networks (CDN) with Redis caching
  • Advanced load balancing technology monitors your system and automatically brings additional resources online in real time to manage heavy loads
  • Auto scaling to meet peaks in demand

Scalable Cost Management

Cost efficient cloud-based services are ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating demands.

  • Flexibility to scale capacity up or down is baked into the service
  • Respond to customer demand quickly in a dynamic
  • Leverage the latest technologies

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