Technology and Security

A fast, secure and scalable tech stack


Peracto delivers lightning fast performance of storefront, admin and API services

  • Advanced development technologies deliver faster load times with optimised resource utilisation
  • On demand computing scales in real time to respond to peaks in customer demand
  • Serverless applications, dedicated database servers and optimised Content Delivery Networks (CDN) support slow latency and high transfer speeds


PCI compliant network architecture with secure data encryption delivers high levels of data security

Encrypted data

Dedicated storage volumes with all data encrypted at rest

Private Networks

Multiple environments in private DMZs for complete network separation

Software Updates

Rolling programme of software patches and updates protects against known vulnerabilities

Boost SEO

Google prefers secure sites, so serving content in this way will help boost your SEO

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Serverless Cloud architecture provides a robust and reliable platform

  • High availability architecture replicates code across multiple availability zones with no single point of failure
  • Comprehensive suite of monitors with multiple thresholds for early notification of any potential performance issues
  • Data back ups are automatically saved with a storage volume snapshot protecting your data


Headless eCommerce

As a headless eCommerce platform, Peracto provides the flexibility for stores to evolve with customers’ changing needs

By decoupling the front-end (storefront) from the back-end (the eCommerce logic), Peracto offers greater control to manage customer experiences across multiple channels, from a single application

Peracto headless diagram
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